Trezeo launches new products to expand its safety net for independent workers

Trezeo today announced a major extension to its existing offering, that enables independent workers to access a wider range of urgently needed product ‘bundles’. Trezeo’s financial security platform for independent workers already includes a business account, income balancing, personal accident insurance and a control centre to understand and manage financial needs.

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Introducing the new, re-designed Trezeo app

As often happens with people who become absorbed by their work, there isn’t always the opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the fruits of your labour. If you’re always working to help others, you most likely know what that’s like.We recently told you all about our new and exciting partnerships. Through this short article, we’re flipping the script and taking a moment to talk about some of the key improvements we’ve made to the new version of the Trezeo app!

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Trezeo features on Aperture Podcast: Building a Safety Net for the Self-Employed

Earlier this week we announced a major partnership with Labour Xchange - a platform which matches blue collar workers and individuals with spare time to companies in need of extra resourcing - to provide, alongside Dinghy, a bundle of digital-age benefits - such as Income Smoothing and Personal Accident Insurance - that will create new safety net for the thousands of self-employed care workers using the Labour Xchange platform.

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