Trezeo selected for Inclusive Economy Partnership BOOST scaling Programme

Trezeo selected for Inclusive Economy Partnership BOOST scaling Programme

Trezeo was recently selected to participate in a scale-up programme, BOOST, run by the Inclusive Economy Partnership.


The Inclusive Economy Partnership (IEP), an initiative of the UK Cabinet Office, brings together business, civil society and government to tackle the UK’s most pressing social and economic problems through cross-sector partnerships that provide the catalyst to unleash potential and create the fairer, more inclusive society we all want.


By unleashing the power of these partnerships, the BOOST programme will provide Trezeo with the ‘boost’ needed to positively impact the lives of even more people across the UK.


BOOST will be delivered by a unique partnership between the government, civil society and business; the Cabinet Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport are working with the Young Foundation and EY. It brings together innovative organisations through curated partnerships that seek to amplify existing initiatives, helping proven solutions to scale and pioneering innovative responses to societal problems.


While the BOOST programme was conceived before COVID 19, the IEP’s mission, and the objectives of BOOST, have never been as important as they are today with the importance and challenge of building a more inclusive economy in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.


Through our participation in BOOST, Trezeo aims to help financially under-served individuals, particularly independent workers, to improve their financial capability, access the tools and capabilities to interact with fair financial products and provide access to affordable credit. This will further support our aim to build a financially inclusive world for all workers, irrespective of how they work. This builds on our work with Nationwide Building Society as part of Open Banking for Good, another initiative supported by the IEP.


The BOOST programme will increase our capability to have a positive impact on the lives of many more independent workers in the UK, at a time when they need the support and strengthened safety net that Trezeo provides more than ever as they cope with the impact of COVID 19 and plan for their future beyond the crisis.


We are humbled to have been selected for such a high impact programme along with great other businesses and social enterprises and look forward to further scaling our impact in what are very challenging times for society as a whole.


Click here to learn more about BOOST in particular and the Inclusive Economy Partnership in general.

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