Why Appreciation Pays Off

Why Appreciation Pays Off

Over the course of the next month, we will be looking at the value of worker appreciation and why it’s so important for both businesses and workers. For Trezeo, we think workers should be celebrated every day, and here are a few reasons why.
Healthy Workers = Healthy Business.

Appreciated and engaged workers have been found to carry this positivity into other areas of their lives. As a result, they are less likely to suffer from poor health and lifestyle choices.


This is true where workers are provided benefits that are conducive to healthier lifestyles, these include things like fresh fruit and flexible working arrangements, and truer still with benefits such as healthcare and medical insurance on the other end.


Businesses also benefit where these benefits lead to workers spending less time off sick, which for platforms and organisations relying on flexible workforces is key. 


Happy workers = Happy Business


Appreciated and engaged workers make for happier workers. One simple reason is that they carry less work-related stress which has been found to have significant and systemic impact on business performance.


Additionally, happiness is infectious, so happy workers create other happy workers by spreading the positivity and creating both a positive internal environment, and a positive external perception to customers, clients, candidates and investors.


By putting in place the right set of incentives and support mechanisms, businesses can foster happiness as well as a sense of community amongst the happy masses.



Happy Workers = Productive Workers


When workers feel engaged and appreciated, they are capable of accomplishing their best work. And more of it. Satisfaction has been shown to increase productivity and output, whilst dissatisfied workers have been found to have an inimical effect on business performance, productivity and profitability. To that end, there is a direct correlation between the investment in workers the work they produce. Put simply, more in = more out.



Happy Workers Stay and Multiply


Staff retention is a big thing for any business, especially for businesses that rely on a flexible or remote workforce. By finding ways to engage and support these worker, businesses have a bigger chance of retaining them for the long-term.


Happy workers also act as evangelists, helping to attract new workers and make them happy, creating a virtuous cycle.

Happy Workers = Happy Customers


The fact remains that, the happier the, the better the customer experience they tend to deliver. This is often the result of a few things: workers being more passionate about the work they do, workers buying into the company’s mission and workers who are more invested in the customer’s positive experience. In short, everyone wins.


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