Trezeo launches new products to expand its safety net for independent workers

Trezeo launches new products to expand its safety net for independent workers

  • UK-based financial services platform for independent workers extends its unique range of financial services and protection.
  • The new range of bundled products and services is now available to Trezeo’s customer base and for digital labour platforms.
  • The set of bundles on offer include medical support, enhanced personal accident insurance, sickness insurance and cashback.

LONDON, 26th March, 2020: Trezeo today announced a major extension to its existing offering, that enables independent workers to access a wider range of urgently needed product ‘bundles’. Trezeo’s financial security platform for independent workers already includes a business account, income balancing, personal accident insurance and a control centre to understand and manage financial needs.


The population of independent workers is growing fast, but it remains economically vulnerable in the absence of the benefits and protection that comes from standard employment. At present, there are five million independent workers in the UK alone, and self-employment is projected to exceed standard employment within a decade.


In response to this pressing societal need, Trezeo has now introduced two new bundles: a ‘Wellness’ bundle, which includes medical support and an enhanced personal accident insurance, and a ‘SickPay and Cashback’ bundle, which protects independent workers who are unable to work due to sickness or disability. The second bundle also offers access to discounts and cashback on everyday spending to help independent workers’ money go further.

The launch coincides with the adoption of Trezeo by major digital labour platforms. In January 2020, Labour xchange announced its intention to provide Trezeo membership for all its social care workers. Other platforms are set to follow suit, as they move to recognise the need to provide more benefits and protection to workers.


Garrett Cassidy, CEO and Co-Founder of Trezeo said “For a lot of people, independent work gives them more personal freedom, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of financial security. Whether it’s protecting earnings in the case of an accident, gaining the reassurance of speaking to a doctor at any time or having access to essential sickness cover, our Trezeo members now have additional peace of mind by selecting what they need from the most extensive range of additional protection for independent workers available today. And we provide all this at a small additional cost, equivalent to a cup of coffee per week, which we hope will increasingly be borne by the platforms they work with.”  


Jonathan Key, co-founder and CEO of Labour Xchange said “Most people don’t realize how stressful it is to be an independent worker. They work long hours and so, like all of us, they have limited bandwidth for their financial affairs. The difference is that crises come along all the time because they don’t have any buffer in case of a day off sick or an accident or a broken down washing machine.“


Jonathan added:

“We are delighted that the care-workers who use Labour xhange to find work will benefit, on top of Trezeo’s existing range of financial services and personal accident insurance, from additional financial peace of mind and the increased financial stability they deserve, through benefits like sickness insurance and online medical advice.”

About Trezeo

Trezeo was founded in 2016 to deliver inclusive financial services for independent workers. Until now, a large and growing proportion of the workforce didn’t have the usual safety-net provided through traditional employment.

Trezeo membership provides a unique range of financial services and protection for independent workers, giving them financial peace of mind and reducing their work-related stress while increasing their financial stability and supporting their future aspirations. This means that employment platforms who offer Trezeo can deliver greater value and financial well-being for their flexible workforce to attract and retain valuable talent and do the right thing.

With offices in the UK and Ireland, Trezeo has independently enabled itself to become the most established and broadest solution in the market. Their unique range of benefits already supports Labour xchange’s social care workforce, along with a range of other platforms for independent workforces, to provide access to inclusive financial services irrespective of how people work. Trezeo is also working closely with the broader financial services industry, being recognised by MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge, Open Banking for Good, Barclays Accelerator by Techstars, the RSA, Mastercard Centre for inclusive Growth and Money 20/20 and Temenos Marketplace.

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About Labour Xchange

We make work, work for everyone. By matching the spare time of individuals with the demands of businesses we create a true win- win scenario. Individuals get the opportunity to work when its convenient to them Businesses get a simple and effective staffing solution that is as easy as “click-click-staff”.

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