Where did the name ‘Trezeo’ come from?

Where did the name ‘Trezeo’ come from?

It’s increasingly difficult to find a good, unique name for a new business; but we did put a bit of work into Trezeo and believe it is the perfect name for us. And it rolls well off of the tongue. But we get asked about it enough to suggest that a blog post would be useful.

‘Tre’ alludes to the number three, as in our three core pillars: fairness, transparency and access. The flow of the word into ‘zeo’ evokes the idea of a fervent spirit and will to do good.

And, in all honesty, the domain was available and it is unique enough to give us the opportunity to create a strong brand.

We very much want people to associate Trezeo with fairness and empathy for the self-employed. We want to build up a trust with customers. We hold their money and we help empower them to better understand and plan their financial lives. So they know they can come to us.

At the same time, we believe that the name sounds cool and innovative. Traditional financial services are stale and boring; and not that they need to be exciting, but we want customers to know and expect that we will create new products and services to support them. That means trying new things, developing new tools, with new models, and doing things in a more user-centric way than traditionally. We think Trezeo can become synonymous with new, innovative financial services.

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